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Ways to stop heart palpitations
19-04-2018 01:00
Heart palpitations can feel like a fluttering in the chest, a pounding heart, or a racing pulse. Smoking, exercise, and stress can cause them, but if palpitations are the result of an underlying condition, treatment will be necessary. Here, learn how to stop heart palpitations at home and when to see a doctor.
How long can a person live with congestive heart failure?
18-04-2018 13:00
Congestive heart failure is a progressive disease that causes the heart to weaken, making it difficult to pump blood around the body. In this article, we look at the symptoms, stages, and life expectancy of congestive heart failure. We also look at treatment options, including lifestyle changes and surgery.
Nut lovers rejoice: Your favorite snack protects your heart
18-04-2018 01:00
Nuts are widely considered beneficial to the heart. A new study dives deeper into the specifics and finds out exactly what nuts can do for our tickers.
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